Blue Star Donuts (PDX) vs Great Maple (SD) – Maple Bacon Doughtnut

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Starting this off by letting you know that, like the title eludes to, this is a review for the Maple Bacon doughnuts from these two spots. I liked the idea because Blue Star is a Portland staple while Great Maple is a fast up and comer in San Diego. Their differences also include Blue Star being a doughnut and coffee spot to Great Maple being a full breakfast joint with the Bacon Maple being the only doughnut they serve (if you don’t include their beignets).

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Blue Star – Maple Bacon (pictured in the back)
Price: Around $2.50 per doughnut
Amount of Bacon: Smaller crumbly pieces
Mapleness: very sugary
Overall: 3/5, I was expecting more from this doughnut especially from a spot that is so highly regarded. I wasn’t a fan of the batter or the super sugary glaze. It was good but I instead wolfed down the Old Fashioned Buttermilk(not pictured) and most of the Maple Bacon went uneaten. Just get the the Old Fashioned instead.


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Great Maple
Price: $9 for 3 doughnuts
Amount of Bacon: Thick chunks
Mapleness: Thick delish glaze
Overall: 5/5, will come back again and again. I was the only one of the bunch to just eat a doughnut and not get breakfast but I came away deeply satisfied. I am not the hugest doughnut person but dear loooooooooooooord. The bacon is thick and great quality while the maple glaze is well…. thick and great quality. The thing that brings this doughnut over the top is that they are made to order, they come out piping hot and just perfect.


Next stop is Dynamo Donut in San Francisco to try their version of the Bacon Maple

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