Mexican Tile Magnets – DIY

I am sort of scrambling around to find small gifts for random friends and managers. So I was walking around town when I stopped in at a Mexican Tile/Ceramics spot. I have bought gifts from there before and they inspired me to semi DIY an easy gift.

Displaying image6.jpeg

Crafting Time: 15 minutes
Drying Time: 2 hours (as long as everything is dry and secure)

What you need:
Tiles (mine are from Talavera)
Super glue or hot glue
Magnets (from Ace Hardware)

Displaying image3.jpeg

The larger tiles were around $1.75 each and are 1×1 inches.

Displaying image4.jpeg

Smaller tiles were half the size and price.

Displaying image2.jpeg

Larger tile pieces got two magnets but they are so strong I could have had one magnet per tile regardless of the size.

Displaying image1.jpeg

The finished products are great for stocking stuffers or small gifts to bring to a birthday party with a bottle of wine.



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