Home for the Holidays – Border X Brewing

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Being back in San Diego calls for some serious exploring. The city has changed a lot since I left 5 years ago and when I turned 21 the door opened to many more places I had never been to. My parents are beer people and they have taken me to many great breweries, so when they heard of a new spot opening up they took me right away. Border X Brewing already has a Main Brewery in Otay but we had ventured to Logan Heights to check out the new Tasting Room.

I loved the art gallery vibe and mexicana style. The beer names had me sold.

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I managed to try four beers. Tasters are $1 and a Pint $5, can’t go wrong with great tasting price. The Gran Hefe was, obviously, a Hefeweizen and tasted like they had added some Tequila during the brewing process. I am not sure I would try it again. The Blood Saison was amazing, with great grapefruit flavors. Not to jump on the Saison bandwagon (I don’t normally like them) but that was my favorite beer from Border X. I am biased towards IPA beers so it makes sense that the Random Hoppiness would not be my favorite. I can’t help it, I don’t like them so that was eh for me. However I loved the deep flavors in Abuelitas Chocolate Stout. Would recommend, still makes me go mmm.

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Warning: Delicious goat tacos available at the tasting room. Irresistible, eat it.

Overall: would again if in the area but wouldn’t go out of my way. It was fun and the atmosphere rad but the beer didn’t blow me away.

ps. How do I buy these?

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