Home for the Holidays – Iron Pig

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All the new spots that have been popping up in Pacific Beach (my hometown) have been keeping me curious and hungry. This was one such spot. The Iron Pig serves up barbecue in a town with no barbecue options so the chose a great location. The quality of the meal, pricing, and beer selection was on par with my one of my favorite spots in Berkeley, Perdition Smokehouse.  I had one HUGE hangup about Iron Pig… the atmosphere. The decor was great but the amount of televisions propped on the walls was over whelming for a spot with such low ceilings. They were blaring and the group of football fans who were literally screaming was the most annoying thing. My mom and I had a hard time enjoying our experience with all the noise.  The Iron Pig needs to decide if they are going to be a sports bar (and advertise as such) or get rid of the TV’s so people can enjoy their meal, beer, and conversation. Overall I would come back when I know zero sports are on.

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We ordered the Mac n Cheese to start and a couple of beers. The smokiness of the Gouda was wonderful and had us fighting over the last bite. The beer selection was great, I went for my usual Hefewiezen.

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So much yum going on right here. I loved that the sandwiches came on Texas Toast and added to the authenticity. It was tender and fatty and awesome. Love getting my hands dirty when eating. Side note: my mom is a vegetarian and she still loved her salad so this is a veg friendly spot.

On an unrelated note, we finished the night at the House of Blues. Skanking out to some Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Interupters (who are rad).

Stay Classy San Diego.

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