Home for the Holidays – Julian

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Most people outside of San Diego haven’t heard of this small town in the east but those of us who do know it, know it as Pie Heaven. When I mean small, this place has one main street of about 3 blocks and that is it. Sometimes if it is cold enough it will snow and to a San Diegan that’s a special site to see. Went here for a day trip with the whole family on Christmas Eve. Julian is cute, wholesome, and a great day trip. There isn’t a lot to say since everything is so tiny and cute and I can’t remember most of the names of the shops. BUT if you indulge in their famous pies you absolutely must go to the spot that uses actual Julian apples, Apple Alley Bakery. Please enjoy the following adorable photos:

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Looks like you might be in a jam… har har.

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And now PIE…

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Apple Boysenberry Crumble.

Enjoy your holidays!


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