2014 Lion Adorations

Know I have been terrible at keeping up with the Lion Adorations so trying to make up by letting you know my 2014 favorites. Enjoy:

1. Madewell Transport Tote – purchased around January because I needed an adult bag for my adult job. I searched high and low for the perfect bag and in the end went for this beauty. I think the quality is amazing seeing as I have used it every work day of 2014. The neutral color goes great with my daily wardrobe and the size fits my laptop with room for a sweater and scarf. One drawback that most reviews won’t mention is that the inside is raw leather, for that most part that didn’t bother me HOWEVER beware. A couple weeks after purchasing this bag I bought a Kate Spade wallet which was promptly ruined by the raw leather interior. I still use the wallet but the color is so distorted it looks 5+ years old rather than 10 months.

'Baker' Leather Strap Watch, 37mm

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker – received this watch last Christmas and later purchased a second one. I wear this constantly. As someone who is not big on link watches, this leather one really calls out to me and I would not be surprised if a third Baker watch shows up in my collection in 2015.

3. There is no photo for this one nor a link but none the less a favorite. I believe every blogger has an eatery that is easy, fast, and delicious but it’s not a place they would include a post about. For me that spot is Toss, near my house in Berkeley.

4. Star Wars Trailer – I am a huge nerd. I got chills, deal with it.

5. Blog – I was late on getting on board with this blog but so far I am obsessed.

Hope everyone has a delightful New Year!


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