Yearning for that Fountain of Beauty

Last month it was shoes and now with the fresh year I am hankering for some fresh beauty products. Perhaps it also comes with my constant reading on Into the Gloss. Either way here is my current beauty wish list.



1. Humphreys Astringent – my mother has had this in her collection since I was very young causing me to very much crave it in my own. This product is also nearly impossible to find but I am hoping to search through every drugstore and health food store near me to find it. I use it as a toner after I wash my face and let it dry before adding moisturizer. It is so soothing, I can’t be without it any longer.

2. Glossier Phase 1 Set – all the hype has gotten me excited and I will ride that hype train until I get my hands on this. I have quite nice skin so the skin tint would be perfectly added to my daily routine but would take place of my already beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Primer. Either way this set is big on my wish list.


3.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – I have always been against (personally) using fake tan products since I have dark skin.  As the years go on and I am no longer blessed by the sun in San Diego, my skin has grayed out. A work friend has recently recommended this to be when I was bitching about my lack luster legs. This is on my list of wants but not sure when it will be an appropriate time to use it or for what occasion.


4. Caudalie Divine Legs – another tanning product, again I am nervous to use one but it still lands on my list to wants.

5. Bioderma – this product is raved about on the YouTube british scene, but unless you order it online it is impossible to find in the US. I have been experimenting with different makeup removers, strangely Olive Oil being a champion at the moment.

'The Mascara Volume' Mascara

6. Kevyn Aucoin Mascara Volume – I used to be big on high end mascaras but three years ago I got hooked on the Covergirl Lashblast and never looked back. I am starting to creep back into being interested in the pricier mascaras and am very curious about the brush on this one.

7. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black – yes yes yes please. I own the rollerball and have never wanted a full size scent more. I am trying to work through some other perfumes so I am holding off purchasing this but it has been a struggle. Also look at that packaging, just delightful.

MAC Cosmetics: 217 Blending Brush

8. 217 Blending Brush – my sister has this brush and I use it every time we are together, so much so that I think it is time I go get my own.

MAC Cosmetics: Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

9. MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy – ok yea I admit it… I am on that Kylie Jenner train. She is the only Kardashian I follow on Instagram, I totally dig her. So I am trying to find the lipstick she is rumored to wear all the time, which is of course sold out everywhere.

That’s all for the moment, hope this inspires you as it does me!


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