Treats from Bay Area Artisans

I have been trying to invest in better quality jewelry but am not totally ready to go all the way just yet. I go to a lot of local street fairs and found they are a great to find affordable quality pieces while supporting the community. I do find trusting the dealers to be hard however, you have take their word on the quality. I prefer gold over silver because it goes better with my skin tone. Since we are dealing with more expensive materials I educated myself on the different gold qualities. This makes it easier to judge if something is at the right price point and its longevity. This post from eBay should help you navigate the gold terminology.

Here are the little goodies I have picked up recently:

M x M Jewelry & Design

Gold Filled Stacking Rings in Size 8, 5, and 4

Nous Savons Necklace

Gold Plated Adjustable ring from Indigo Cynosure


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