Back to Portland…

I absolutely love Portland. It is a city that makes me say “Yea I could live here”. Most of the upcoming posts will be around food. This will be a general post from my trip. Since I already posted my perfect day around Portland, this trip was more casual and getting to do some stuff we missed last time.

Again I went on this trip with my mom, who is an amazing travel buddy. We landed Thursday early afternoon, dropped off our bags at an incredible little AirBnB in the Overlook Neighborhood. I feel a little guilty for loving that Portland now accepts ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber. Last time we were here this was not the case and the weather was at a record low. Hiking around the city and huddling in bus stops made me miserable. I am used to public transit but sometimes ordering an uber can really change your mood. Would also like to note that my mom and I get stuck in the most miserable Portland weather and I still LOVE this place. This time around we were in 95 degree weather everyday.

High Level Portland Trip recap:

Spent the first day around Burnside, sweating a lot.

Friday was spent outside the city on the Banks-Vernonia Trail.

Saturday we suffered in the heat. Spent the morning at the farmers market and the afternoon at the Project Pabst Festival.

Sunday was spent doing some tax-free shopping and flying home!

Hope you enjoy the coming posts!

Below: Some shots my mom took on her iphone of me doing my thang.



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