Portland – Burnside District

What is worse trekking through Portland in 30 or 95 degree weather? Answer: Not being in Portland at all.

Spent the first day walking around Burnside and taking in the sites. If you are a fan of Voodoo doughnut I suggest hiking out to their location around this area. I believe I saw it on Couch St. There was no line, so go crazy.

Hippo Hardware

Street Art on E. Burnside

Trinity Fries at EastBurn

Grilled Cheese and Soup from EastBurn

EastBurn – This place was good for just stopping in and not pre-reading yelp reviews. I would not go back since I want to explore all of what Portland has to offer. Again good but not blow-my-mind-must-come-back good.

Fun Swing Seats

Checking out the local Thrift Shops

Thrift Heaven

Rock & Rose 

Walking over the Burnside Bridge

Classic Portland, Oregon


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