Portland Eats – Screen Door

This day required major fuel. So before our 42 mile bike ride we headed out to Screen Door. A good friend has told me multiple times I needed to go here and this time I finally listened. We arrived on this Friday morning 10 minutes before they opened, a little surprised to see around 10 other people already waiting. Lemme tell you…now I know why people were there early and it is normal to experience an hour wait for this place on the weekend. It was scrumptious. Unlike some other places we ate on this trip, I would 100% come here next time I am in town. I would go out of my way to make it happen. That’s how amazing it was.

I ordered the very classic Screen Door Chicken and Waffle. I went for the two piece and had a whole untouched breast of chicken left over (which ended up being a great end-of-the-ride snack). My mom went for a daily special, Blackberry Shortcake with basil whipped cream. Both were tantalizing, my taste buds on fire. The chicken and waffle on their own had rich flavors, combined they were even more magical. The idea of having a sweet potato waffle was genius. Enjoy the gloriousness.

View from our booth

Chicken and Waffles

Look at that cream…


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