Portland – Banks Vernonia State Trail

This bike/running/hiking trail is a 42-mile round trip that takes you through the isolated Oregon countryside. Back in the day, it was a railroad that took timber into the cities, since then it has been converted into a paved pathway…

I work-out but am no longer an athlete. I mostly trained for this bike ride by sitting on a bike at the gym and maxed out at 16 miles.

I preface this review with the above facts so that you know that this was a challenge. I did a lot of research before embarking on this adventure. Many sites said it was easy for anyone to do, the 70 yr old guy at the bike shop said he does it BUT it is not easy or leisurely. It is 100% true that the second half (going in the direction of Portland) is easier. This is because around 12 miles of the first half is at an incline, so on the way back you are flying for most of it.

Honestly, I wanted to turn around at mile 8. There are markers every mile that let you know how far you have gone, in a way seeing them was torture. I was Major of Struggle City on this ride but at the end I felt so amazing. I highly recommend it if you have been to Portland before and are looking for something new to do.

Details: Zipcar: $80 for 24 hours, Bike Rentals: $40 per person for a full day

After we drove back into the city and went to Bollywood Theater. Quick Review: Good, authentic tasting. Would come back if I lived in the area.

First 12 miles

Cruisin on the downward slope

Almost to the end, ready to eat…

Kati Roll with Chicken

Mango Lassi

Dal and Coconut Curry



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