Portland – Famers Market, Pabst Project, and Brunch Box

Warning: All photos from this day are iPhone quality.

This day was up and down. I broke a shoe and suffered in the heat BUT also went to my fav Portland eatery and experienced a new Portland must do.

Started the day at the Portland State University Farmers Market, this is my moms favorite thing to do every time she visits and I am so happy she brought be along this time…

Rare photo of myself…trying to be happy in 95 degree weather

On the left is a breakfast scone or bacon, chives, and cheddar, on the right is a caramelized onion tartlet. I would go back to this market just for the tart. If you get the chance to go to the Saturday Market then stop by here, the line is long and easy to find. The name is catchy too!

Brunch Box is hands down my favorite place to eat in Portland…no contest. I will go back for every visit. Get something on texas toast, so worth it. My normal order the The Outlaw, I am salivating just thinking about it.

Next we headed over Project Pabst. I told my mom before hand that I refuse to buy a pbr if it is over $4, luckily for me they sold the tall boys for exactly that much…so I had 5. Honesty it was so hot that I didn’t feel much, we stood in longer lines for water than for the beer. For a music festival it was pathetically empty, assuming it was because of the heat. People crowded in the little shade there was. My mom an I were there mainly to see TV on the Radio, we suffered so much that we left before they finished their set.

Seen at Project Pabst

We also went to Fire on the Mountain (not pictured). It was close to our AirBnb and we were hungry. Compared to some bomb ass wings I have had in San Diego and San Francisco these just did not do it for me. The guy taking out order was not helpful at all. Compared to the reviews, this place did not live up to expectations.



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