Downtown Los Angeles – A Visual Tour

I have become one of those people that think LA is amazing. I can’t stop raving about it. I think it comes from the combination of spending heaps of time with my sister and the heaps of time spent with food. It’s hard to say which day was my favorite but DTLA might be winning my heart.

Given we were there during CicLAvia and the streets were filled with happy bikers rather than loud cars.

Grand Central Market

A mix of the old and new, this place is going through a major revival.

Eggslut has a lot of hype and an insane line. I was doubtful after looking at the other good food  stands in the market.

On the left: Sausage, Egg, and Cheese with soft scrambled eggs. On the right: the Fairfax.

I can safely say it is worth the wait and blew my mind. I was in love by the time I finished my last bite. I will go back someday but the rest of the market had way too much to offer to just beeline to Eggslut without trying something else at the Market.

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Stumbled upon a Farmers Market

Empty building for lease.

Enjoying the empty streets of DTLA


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