Doughnut Updates – Blue Star, DK Donuts, and the Cronut

YES, this is another doughnut post…I am on a mission to compare all the “best” doughnut spots. I would have mushed this into the other LA posts but again doughnuts…they are special.

My first official cronut courtesy of my coworkers…must find more cause this was amazing.

DK Donuts – Ordered the Glazed Bacon and Blueberry Apple Fritter. My sister mentioned they are known for their #onuts after we ordered. Based on what I did order they were ok but I am not running back. Considering this is said to be one of the best donut spots in LA I now know why LA is never on any “Best Donuts in America” lists.

Blue Star has arrived in LA, thank my lucky stars. It’s going to be the first stop I make next time I am in LA, they are just that good.

O.G. – Orxata Glaze

The reappearance of my absolute favorite, the Buttermilk Old Fashioned.

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