Puerta Vallarta – What I Ate

I love food…wait I LOVE FOOD. Mexican food is my favorite food. I am a total Mexican food snob. I will forever claim my dad makes the best rice, and believe me he does. I was so excited when this trip came around because it meant eating Mexican food for a week AND trying out the cuisine in a different state (I have only been to Baja and Sinaloa previously).


Whole Fried Red Snapper


Huevos Rancheros



Legit street tacos, the meat? Beef…I saw every part of the cow in there.


Bless these people, blue corn tortillas. I found them at a Wednesday night market so I am not sure where to find them. I was OBSESSED. Hands down the best thing I ate on this trip. I ate here three times in a 4 hours span.


Carne Asada Quesadilla


Nopales Quesadilla



Pollo Sope



Chili con Carne from La Chula. I wouldn’t recommend going here but my mom really liked her enchiladas.


A story: One night I hear a man selling tamales in the street, I keep note of the time he walked past our house. The next night, I have had too much to drink and don’t want to leave the house alone searching for food in the dark. Hark! What is that? The Tamale Man comes to the rescue. 4 Tamale for 40 pesos? That’s a deal.


Can we talk about Ceviche for a moment? Can someone tell me WHY this one has shredded fish? I had ceviche (no joke) every day while I was in PV and it was all shredded. I understand it’s probably a regional thing but I miss my chunky fish chunks.


Slightly fancier Huevos Rancheros from Oscar’s. This place was actually really good and reasonably priced considering is was more “upscale” and close to the beach. I would go back.


Pancakes from Oscar’s


A goodbye Helado



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