Puerta Vallarta – Yelapa 


I wouldn’t call this a must do, but taking one of those cheesy tours was still a fun experience. This particular day was the birthday of a dear friend, and we loaded the tour boat with our ten person party. There isn’t a whole lot to see other than coast and ocean. We did manage to convince our captain to stop in the middle of the ocean and let us jump off the side of the boat.


Pit stop to go snorkeling! As someone who is afraid of fish this was quite the daring feat.



Our first look at Yelapa


Your boat guide is going to rip you off and insist you go on a tour to the waterfall. They say you can’t walk from the Yelapa beach, the 30 second boat ride will cost you 50 pesos. The waterfall will be pretty lame. You will, however, enjoy the moonshine tequila at the shoddy bar. It tastes disgusting, you will have two more.



For the middle of winter…this was an incredible place to be.




A view of Puerta Vallarta on our way back.


Our day in polaroids


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