Jack of all Trades


I was super excited to finally go to Jack of all Trades for a couple of reasons, I love the Treasure Island Flea Market (this event is run by the same organizers) and I had never been to Jack London Square before. I ended up being somewhat disappointed. It is a lot smaller with only 3 food trucks and far fewer vendors. You could go through the whole market in ten minutes. One of my favorite parts of Treasure Island Flea is all the food trucks so I was disappointed by the small number in attendence. I did however really enjoy checking out Jack London Square and want to go back to that area sometime soon.



If my apartment wasn’t a dark cave I would be all over this.



Cheese Fries from Cheese Gone Wild


Overland Bar & Grill


Deep fried pickles


The sign for stuffed burgers reeled me in but I was sorely disappointed.


The effect was still cool.



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