A Week in the Life II


Finally had the chance to try Mr.Holmes Bakehouse. I didn’t have time to wait in the Cruffin line, so I got to skip straight to the front to buy a sticky bun and a coffee. It was amazing and perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Would go again.


Went for a weekend brunch with my brunch buddy Megan, we seriously go pretty much every weekend. This time she took me to Paisan. We shared a breakfast pizza and a polenta dish and had lots of lattes. I would come back here but not right away, the food was super instagramable and the interior design was gorgeous but Berkeley has a lot of other great Brunch options.

IMG_1491 IMG_1524

My aunt came to town this week which gave me the opportunity to check out Burlingame. We had dinner at Blue Line pizza…I wish we had a location in the East Bay, it was awesome.


Asha on a rainy day.


Testing out my camera before packing. My auto focus is so broken I have discovered.


A drink before our Texan adventure, more to come on that….



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