Waco, Texas: A non-guide


Don’t get your panties in a twist, I did not come here by choice…ok technically I did but Waco still suuuuuucked. I was here with my boyfriend and some high school friends for a wedding. We flew into Dallas (more on that later) and got in a car straight away to make it to the rehearsal dinner.

Bottom line – there isn’t much to do here other than go to Magnolia Market, made popular by an HGTV show. We didn’t even have a chance to go in due to the two+ hour wait to get in…to a home goods store. I had no desire to go there other than the fact that there is NOTHING to do here, oh wait you can go to the Dr. Pepper museum (insert eye roll). It would be better if they at least placed the food trucks outside, as we were starving. I know I am being a travel snob but I am trying to be honest.


Why is Whataburger a thing? It’s not as good as In-n-Out or ShakeShack, it is kinda like Carl’s Jr. It was just sad.


Another Texas thing we did, Torchy’s Tacos. It was actually good, not very authentic but for someone with a hang-over (me) it hit the spot.


Seeing Coachella corn everywhere…so hip right now


I would say the coolest place I came across in Waco was Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits. I didn’t get an interior shot and this was taken on my iPhone but it was pretty legit. Good coffee and good food.




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