CDMX – Day Two

Our legs ached at this point but we were ready for more, how could you not?

Stop 1: Saks, we went here for breakfast. Not pictured but you can read more at CDMX – Saks.


Stop 2: Plaza San Jacinto located in the San Angel area, we came on a Sunday knowing that they have a weekly market. It was so fun to view the art and pick up some small gifts.


I am a total sucker for soaps in foreign countries, I just finished up my Istanbul ones so I had to stock up.


Stop 3: Museo Casa del Risco, this is a tiny free museum which might be why I liked it. You can tour around in 30 minutes and get a cool view of the plaza. Not a must see but cool if you are already in the area.


View from the Museum of the Plaza

Not pictured – In my original walk we were stopping by Museo de El Carmen, I saw it on a couple of travel blogs but even in the area I would skip it. We walked by and were unimpressed (my family frustrated with me) so don’t bother.


Stop 4: Plaza de los Arcangles, finding this spot was hard but walking around the area was a dream. The streets don’t have names but it is such a quick departure from what the rest of Mexico City looks like.


Stop 5: Museo Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, I have been a Frida Kahlo fan since I was a little girl. She inspires me and encourages me to be me. This whole trip I was excited to be in the city she loved so much and see her homes.




Stop 6: Av de la Paz – not as cool as I would have thought and I don’t have pictures to commemorate the experience. If I could do this day over, from here I would have zoomed over to the Frida Kahlo Museum.


Stop 7: Mercado del Carmen, this was our lunch spot for the day. I was expecting a legit market not a hip SF Ferry Building type place. It was an unexpected surprise but not a bad one. It might not help you that I can’t remember where we ate exactly but it was a lil bit of everything.


It’s blurred on purpose because art… Also, this place was popular among the locals so that was cool to check out. I also love trying international foods in international places, like Japanese Food in Mexico or Mexican food in Japan (I have done this one), and this was the place to do that.


Stop 8: We had planned on going to the Frida Kahlo Museo after this but people (my family) started getting cranky. We decided to cab over to it and by the time we got there we had an hour before they closed and a line down the block. We decided to walk back to Xoco and take some afternoon naps. This day ends here~




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