CDMX – Saks


A Mexico City Classic for the well-to-do, it was super fun coming for the morning. For my family the full meals were maybe too big compared to what a local might normally order. If I were to come back I would need to make it a multi-hour very slow, long meal.


They offer you a plethora of small pastries when you sit down, I can never resist carbs.




I think THINK my sister ordered Chilaquiles and it was not what we were used to seeing, it might have been that my sister was vegetarian at the time so there was no meat to brighten up the dish.


This is the room we were seated in, a total tequila lovers dream. We were surrounded on 3 sides by booze and it was all my family could talk about.


Stain glass roof in the main courtyard.


Loved the moments of clean interiors.



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