It’s OK to get comfort food when travelling…

If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you might not know that I am currently in Mexico City. I have a couple of weeks here so any recommendations are welcome. I had a thought from the front lines and I wanted to talk about it briefly here. I think travellers should talk more about how ordering your comfort food, which most of the time is fast food, while abroad is ok and can actually relieve stress. So here’s my quick story:

I haven’t slept properly in 3 days, as a 9-10 hours a night type person this has been really rough. The first night was my red-eye, the second I had a mosquito in my room and I couldn’t find it, the third night I had killed the mosquito but took pain medication that I later discovered has caffeine in it. I have been a zombie around CDMX and haven’t been enjoying things as much as I would like. So after a crappy lunch experience (WHO PUTS OLIVES IN FISH CEVICHE???) and a long day, I fell into bed with no energy to get dinner. Pizza Hut is my guilty pizza pleasure and I can’t get it normally at home and they have online ordering in CDMX. So I caved and I think that’s ok and you should too. If you are ever stressed, hungry, or need a taste for home, fell empowered to just go get that big mac or pizza hut or whatever. I feel so much better now and am going to pass out in a second knowing that tomorrow will be a much better day.



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