Mini Review – Beauty’s Bagel Shop


Beauty’s Bagel Shop has been on my list for a while and in the last couple of weeks, I finally got to visit. The first time was on a busy Sunday and the next was in the middle of the week, as you can tell from the photo above much more chill. As much as I want to love Beauty’s, it is a little too expensive for what you are getting. A lox bagel and latte will set you back $16…ouch.


Said lox bagel and latte


After Gjelina, any other Shakshuka just going to cut it. I was with my friend so we shared an order of the Shakshuka, lox omelette (way too salty), matzo ball soup, and beet coleslaw. Looking back I am not sure why I went back for a second visit, I think the cute interiors and hip vibe pulled me in.



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