A Week in the Life X

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 5.57.15 PM

Starting Monday afternoon with a scoop from Little Giant Ice Cream, soooo good!


I made this! Created with the help of HelloFresh, one of those make-it-at-home food delivery services. The food I created during the week was super good but I didn’t become a returning customer.


I made this one too!


Friday Night at Novel Brewing. I was so impressed with the beer selection here, it wasn’t all IPA’s like Fieldwork. Also for being so young the beer was really well developed.


I had friends going over Saturday afternoon so I made a charcuterie spread. It’s good right?



5 thoughts on “A Week in the Life X

  1. The stuff you made from HelloFresh looks great. Why won’t you become a recurring customer?

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