A Week in the Life XI

This week is going to be a lot shorter as it contains some of my last daily adventures in San Francisco. Since I live in the east bay and have left my job, I will not be venturing into the city as often…

Homage in the Financial District. This one was my bad – a friend and I went for a quick lunch and I didn’t order what my instincts were telling me to. On a whim I ordered the gnocchi not seeing that mushrooms were included…and I hate mushrooms, as you can see there are a ton of them 😷. This spot was also a bit pricey but you can tell they use fresh ingredients.

I had been so excited to try the very well reviewed The Bird…

I went for the classic chicken sandwich. Overall it was good and I would be here all the time of I worked around the corner. The slaw was different to the average stuff out there, with a bit of an Asian twist. The apple fritters were super disappointing. Rove Kitchen has a better chicken sammie.

I had my goodbye drinks at Pacific Cocktail Haven – truly dangerous for how amazingly delicious the drinks are. The menu is tiki themed and divided by alcohol type. You can’t go wrong here. Also, stop by next door at Hogwash for my fries and sausage.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? Fournée Bakery is a Berkeley staple and located next to the gorgeous Claremont Hotel. Don’t be scared away by the line out the door, it moves fast. I was with my parents for we ordered a bunch of different things to sample. The gem pictured here is the ham and egg croissant…so flaky and amazing. Also, the almond croissant will blow you away. Highly highly recommend.


Second time at Fieldwork Brewing, it still doesn’t have a lot of options for the non-IPA drinker but my dad loved it.

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