6 Hours in Capri


This is another guide for my sister, she intends to spend around 6 hours on the island of Capri and needed some ideas. Just to set expectations, don’t expect sandy beaches in Capri instead you will find cliffs, hills, vineyards, olive groves, and fabulous sights. First, start off with how to get there from Naples. After departing the ferry, you will end up at Marina Grande, the main harbour and where we start our guide.

  1. Optional (it will break the bank a bit) – If you are interested in seeing the Blue Grotto (the main tourist destination in Capri). Find the Motoscafisti boat tour company, located here, where you can pay 15 euro for a ride to the Blue Grotto or you can pay 18 euro for a longer island tour. Keep in mind that a tour can take up to 3 hours, you will have to pay an additional 14 euro to actually enter the Blue Grotto by rowboat, and the wait to enter can sometimes be very long.
  2. If you decide to skip the Blue Grotto start your day by jumping on the Funicular (a cable car), this should cost you less than 2 euro and will take you to the centre of Capri town. You will get dropped off at Piazzetta/Piazza Umberto I, the main square. While here get a little lost among the tiny streets and grab lunch.
  3. Next head to the Giardini di Augusto, a garden founded by Emperor Augustus, where you will get breathtaking views of the island. Be sure to look out for the Isole Faraglioni, three small limestone islands. This should only set you back 1 euro.
  4. Head back to the Funicular and get on the line heading for Anacapri, another town on the island. This will drop you off at Piazza Vittoria. A couple of blocks away you will find the Monte Solaro Chairlift, where you will be treated to amazing views. It is a single person chairlift originally built in the 1950’s, one-way takes around 15 minutes and will cost 8 euro (RT is 11 euro).
  5. If you have more time go to the Villa San Michele (admission is 8 euro). Now a museum, this villa was once a home of Emperor Tiberius and was later rebuilt in the 19th century. The villa houses ancient artifacts.
  6. From here start heading back to Grande Marina to end the day and make it back to the ferry without being rushed.

Other Notes:

  1. Bring a bathing suit just in case.
  2. Use this guide for more details on public transit.





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