Plan Check – Mini Review 

I am in Los Angeles right now and am having a more low key visit so don’t expect a lot of posts. I wanted to get this post out quickly in case you were interested in Dine LA which ends on July 28. My sister and I went to Plan Check in Santa Monica for their Dine LA lunch special, $15 per person for a starter and main. Considering the normal prices at Plan Check, this was a great deal. The food was solid and I am planning to come back next time I am in LA.

For starters we ordered the Spicy Mac and Grilled Watermelon Salad. The portions were large and they both tasted delicious. We were full after this so tackling the main dish was a challenge.

We both ordered the Korean Style BQQ Ribs. The potato salad was a little boring and I didn’t finish it but the corn was delish. The ribs themselves fell off the bone and had a little kick to it.

Overall, Plan Check is solid and worth checking out.



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