A Week in the Life XII

The next couple of weeks are a bit all over the place since I have been traveling a bit since leaving my job. I was seriously like San Francisco to San Diego to Las Vegas to Utah to San Diego to Mazatlan to San Diego to Oakland. Then a month later I went from Oakland to San Diego to Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Oakland. Shout out to my Jetta for making all these trips….

Drink of the night at Farm and Vine in Burlingame. Overall this meal was really good with the appetizers being the best part.  We started with the Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese, Roasted Cauliflower, and the Burrata. For my main course, I ordered the Short Rib Tortellini which came with only 4 pieces. That was a bit disappointing.

Hike at Skywalker Ranch

Wagu Beef(raised on site) Burger at Skywalker Ranch


I have been to Homeroom 3 times over the past couple of weeks – in restaurant with my cousin, from the to-go location, and catering at an event. I am happy to say that it is top quality no matter which way you order. My favorites are the Gilroy Garlic and Mac the Goat. 
Family Reunion in Utah

Boating under Sea World in Mission Bay, San Diego

Best Ramen in San Diego at Rakiraki, make sure to get the Black Edition (Jukusei fermentation).

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