PublicUs – Las Vegas

Since I have family in Las Vegas, I go somewhat often but it isn’t the pool party/booze filled Instagram experience. Instead it’s some good ol’ family time and my aunt cooks up the best dinners. Recently, my cousin took my boyfriend and I to PublicUs, a hip joint around the corner from Downtown Las Vegas. It is pretty large and seems to be a good spot for lunch or students in need of a study spot. I was keen on the cute interior and ~cool~ menu but was less excited when the food actually came.


Super hip hipster baristas and servers.


The coffee drink is a Death Cream, I think I got a headache after drinking this but it was delicious. My cousin ordered the Avocado Chicken Sammie, I think the chips were the best part.


Some sort of healthy bowl that I can’t remember the name of. It had chicken, black rice, and grilled veggies. Overall, it was kinda boring and I didn’t like the flavors, but the bowl tasted fresh so props for that. It was one of those meals that you spend like $15 on and you are hungry and don’t want to spend more money so you force yourself to eat it.




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