3 Boba Spots that Aren’t Boba Guys…

3 Boba Spots that Aren’t Boba Guys…

…And therefore aren’t as good. My previous job was 2 blocks away from Boba Guys,  since leaving I can no longer go there like every day. Here is my plea to bring Boba Guys to Berkeley/East Bay. So in the meantime, I have been trying to find my new go to boba place. To judge all these boba spots I ordered a matcha latte (my fav) to stay consistent.

Asha got close in terms of quality and they use an in-house made sweetener but the matcha was too strong. I have had their boba before even though it’s not pictured here. It’s pretty good quality, not too squishy.

U-cha came highly recommended from several people who went to school at UCB. I am not a fan that they use high fructose corn syrup as their sweetener but the flavor and boba are decent. Until I find something better, this will be my new boba spot for now. Nowhere near as good as Boba Guys but better than the other options.

85 degrees is a chain from Taiwan, the birth place of boba. I had some friends that were super excited when they opened a location in Berkeley but I am not impressed so far. This is another place that uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. They aren’t the best but I give them credit for being more of a bakery than a boba spot.

I am open to recommendations! Please send me your favorite boba spot in the East Bay.



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