A Week in the Life XIII

Ice Cream is hands down my favorite dessert, nothing can beat it. So I really value a good ice cream spot and Fentons Creamery is the best in the East Bay. As much as I love Ici, their flavors rotate so sometimes I go there and end up not wanting anything. Fentons has been around since forever and have pretty much the same flavors all the time. I think this is the coffee cookie dream, it really is a dreamy flavor.

All the beautiful things at Neighbor on Piedmont Ave.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I am really starting to be disappointed with food trucks. Around 6 years ago when I started going to Off the Grid at Fort Mason, all the trucks were top notch. I feel like now there are so many it’s really hard to tell what is actually going to be good (Johnny Doughnuts was a huge let down). The classics like Bacon Bacon, Senior Sisig, and The Chairman are still awesome but I haven’t had a good food truck meal in a while. The meal pictured above is from Roderick’s, I ordered the Cajun Fried Catfish with a side of mac and cheese. The catfish was fine but the mac was so disappointing. Never again.

Street Art in Oakland near Brown Sugar Kitchen

My friend Frank came into town and I showed him around San Francisco. He loved China Town!

I had to get my car smogged and went to a super industrial part of Berkeley near the marina. Around the corner, I found Standard Fare. The photo below is a shot of their bakery section. I ordered the fried chicken and it was really good. Totally made up for the $16 price tag. I really liked the open air kitchen and the general vibe of this place. I would go back if I am in the area.

I was in West Portal (super randomly) and stumbled upon Noe Valley Bakery, it is super legit. I got a bacon and cheese tart thing, I would say it was comparable to Devils Teeth Baking Company.

You know my obsession with Boba Guys is real, like I am just waiting to buy the Boba Bae sweater. I have rarely ordered food while there and treated myself to the Early Grey Shortbread cookies from Cafe Warshafsky, so good!

My boyfriend took me to lunch at Berkeley Social Club, it replaced Perdition on University Ave. I had really wanted to try it and was somewhat shocked when the first bite was amazing. Like top 5 chicken and waffles I have ever eaten. I think the Korean fusion is what made it unique. I really liked that instead of maple syrup they used a Sriracha syrup.



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