Rosetta Panadería – CDMX

Chef Elena Reygadas’ table bread served at her restaurant, Rosetta, was so popular and so highly requested that she opened this tiny bakery. Rosetta Panadería is the type of place I wish existed around the corner from my apartment. It’s so delicious and I want everyone going to Mexico City to try it. It is also located on the cool Calle Colima, I like this street much more than the very busy Av. Álvaro Obregón, a few blocks over. The street is littered with upscale lunch/dinner spots and some upper-middle-class homes.

Don’t hope to snag a seat unless you get there early and are alone. The seating consists of about 8 bar seats with people milling around willing to snap one up as soon as you look done with your meal. Luckily, the to-go station in the front is quick.

This is a French bakery so don’t expect to see a whole lot of pan dulce options. During my first visit I ordered a latte, guava bun (pictured above), and a forearm-sized fig/cheese pastry thing (the headline photo). Everything was so delicious that I was already planning my second visit by the first bite.

On my second visit I arrived at 8 am on a Saturday morning and was able to snag a spot.  The atmosphere is very warm and inviting in the early morning. This was the view from my seat, the pastries are just so beautiful, it was hard not to want one of everything.

This is hands down the best quiche I have ever had. I savored every bite.




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