My Bougie Breakfasts in Mexico City Ranked


They are ranked from Meh to Amazing:



6. Eno – Owned by Enrique Olvera, the man behind the famous Pujol. At this point in my trip, I had not yet secured a reservation to Pujol so I figured I might as well try at least one place owned by Olvera. I went in on a Friday morning to the Polanco location. I ordered the chilaquiles and was sorely disappointed. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing? I had read that they are most famous for their Molletes. I have had much much better chilaquiles in San Diego. This was my least favorite bougie breakfast. Total cost including tip was $12.




5. Kale – I was in despite need for something fresh and wandered into Corredor Salamanca, an outdoor space with a ton of eateries and an upstairs bar. Out of all the breakfasts, this was the only one that was spontaneous, the others were all planned or recommended to me.  I ordered an Acai bowl which took them about 20 minutes to make, I have no idea why something so simple took so long. It tasted pretty similar to anything you could get in the states, which I took as a good sign. Apparently, Acai bowls aren’t a thing in Mexico City because a bunch of people were eyeing my bowl. One very posh looking women asked me what it was and we chatted for a bit. My total was $6.50.




4. Delirio – Delirio the breakfast/brunch restaurant created by Monica Patiño, she is another famous chef based in Mexico City.  There was nothing overly special about this meal but it was solid and a good choice before a day of walking. I ordered a latte with an order of eggs, prosciutto, and roasted tomatoes. The crowd was still upper middle-class peoples but the prices were the lowest, total cost including tip was 6 dollars.




One of the things I liked about Delirio was that you could pop in to grab a coffee or pastry if you didn’t have time for a sit-down meal. They also had lots of other goodies to pick up like fancy salts, jams, cookies, salted meats, cheese, etc. I picked up some last minutes gifts to bring home for the family.




3. Lalo – Nestled down a side street in La Roma, Lalo is an uber-hip spot that was highlighted on Goop. I ordered huevos con chorizo, a latte, and an orange juice. Pictured in the back there is a basket of tortillas and beans that came with the main order. It was another simple meal but they seasoned everything really well and the flavors made me so happy. The chorizo was so good, it would be hard not to order this again. It was one of my more expensive breakfasts and it came out to be around $16.




The exterior of Lalo, it was a total visual treat. I really enjoyed the open air vibe of the restaurant and the family table set up in the middle of the space. The staff was super nice as well, it made the whole experience great.




2. Lardo – The headlining image at the top of the post is the interior of Lardo. I ordered a coffee, croissant, and the croque-madame. This is the type of place where the rich in Mexico City like to dine, and I don’t think my leggings and sneakers really made the cut. The interiors are gorgeous and they had ample seating. If you don’t have time for a meal indoors they have a to-window open for coffee and pastries. Their croque-madame beat out the one I got at La Note,  which I thought was impressive. I really liked that it wasn’t super heavy and the bechamel was so smooth. The staff was super attentive despite my less than fashionable apperence. My whole meal was $12 which included tip.


Rosetta Panaderia


1. You would have seen me rave about Rosetta Panaderia in this post. Seriously, one of my favorite meals during my whole trip, I can’t recommend it enough.



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