Mini Review – Fonda Fina, CDMX

I went to Fonda Fina on my first day out in Mexico City, I wanted to go somewhere close by to my Airbnb and would have good cocktails. I had no issues getting a seat for one on a Saturday night. I heard about this place on a blog and I am so/so about it. I really enjoyed the food but I kept feeling pressured by the wait staff to order more. I think I might have ordered appetizers and they kept wanting me to order a main course. It wasn’t very busy so I wasn’t taking up space for someone who was waiting.

Pork belly sope with avocado, xoconostle, and tamarind.

The drink I ordered was pretty good and I was tempted to get another. My favorite part of the meal was the sope, the flavors were really good and all the ingredients tasted fresh.

I really liked the interiors and the front entranceway was very open. Do you see that waiter in front with the grey apron, that guy was totally hovering over me the whole time.

Arugula and squash blossom salad with peanut dressing and avocado

At first bite, I loved the salad, pictured above. As I kept eating it, it became more and more boring. The dressing was a bit dry and all of the flavors were really light so nothing stood out. My overall review would be that this place was decent but that Mexico City has way too many culinary options for me to return here.




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