Mini Review – Taqueria La Negra, CDMX

Nestled away on the very busy Calle de Durango in the La Roma district of Mexico City, Taqueria La Negra is a very cool taco restaurant. I heard about this spot by reading another blog, in their post, they compare 5 different taco joints against each other. I agree with their rating that it wasn’t the best tacos ever but it was a fun place to go to and was a few blocks away from my Airbnb. I walked away paying $7 which included my 3 tacos, drink, and tip. I actually considered this meal a bit pricey for tacos but the meat was good quality and not questionable like the street meat you might get around town.

Pipian Chicken Taco

Each taco was piled with so much meat that I was so full at the end. Someone once told me that if you are paying more than 12 pesos for a taco you are paying too much, and these were twice the price.

Chicken Mole Taco

The unique combination of flavors was pretty fun and tasted great. Honestly, after eating tacos from Pujol, nothing will ever be the same.

El Negro – Specialty Taco

Like with my review of Fonda Fina, this was a good experience but there are too many other places for me to try for me to come back.






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