Mixing the Old with the New at Tres Culturas – CDMX

Most travelers won’t have the time or knowledge to visit the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. It wasn’t super high on my list but it was recommended to me by my parents friend. Within the square you will see remnants of pre-Hispanic life, an old Spanish church, and modern apartments that represent a free, independent Mexico. It is also the location where hundreds of student protesters were massacred by government troops in 1968.

I wouldn’t say this was my favorite site to visit but it was cool to see ruins in the middle of the city. The area wasn’t super walkable so you couldn’t really explore outside the plaza. What I did enjoy was reflecting on the events that happened here and how much history occurred in this location over the course of 600+ years. Even though it was recommended to me I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others. Since I was in CDMX for a long time it was fine and I didn’t feel like I wasted a half a day.

The church (pictured above) wasn’t very exciting or interesting compared to all the other ones I have seen during my travels.

Something I didn’t expect to find and enjoy was the Cultural Center. They have around 5 different exhibits spread out across different floors in the building. They were interesting but almost all of the plaques were in Spanish so I wasn’t able to learn much.




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