San Diego Snapshot III

As a native San Diegan, I go down a lot and am constantly able to try new places. I feel very lucky to do so but tend not to take the time to bring my camera. These posts will essentially have mini-reviews of all my San Diego visits.


[Thursday] I had the chance to try out True Food Kitchen on a Thursday afternoon, it was close to my mom’s office and accommodated her vegan diet. This joint seems to be spreading across California and is reminds me of a more sit-down version of Tender Greens. It might actually be the upgraded sit-down mall restaurant, do I for-see the fall of CPK stock in the future?

We started off with the Kale Guacamole, the grapefruit added a really nice twist.


I honestly cannot remember what pizza I ordered but I remember loving it and being impressed.


[Friday] I am never that excited to try out new vegan restaurants, it does happen more often than I would like since my mom lives that dietary lifestyle. My world was flipped upside down after trying out Kindred. You don’t find a lot of vegan places that put a lot of emphasis on their bar/drinks menu but they serve up some amazing concoctions. This is further emphasized by the fact that the main dishes and drinks are both in the $10-$12 range. I really enjoyed the Seitan Skewers and Soul Crush (vegan soul food plate). Def a good place to check out regardless of if you eat meat or not.


[Saturday] Drinks at The Patio are always a good idea. Their great happy hour doesn’t hurt either!


[Sunday] I was watching my oh-so-hip mom getting inked in North Park when hunger struck. The tattoo artist recommended I hit up Coffee Collective, which was a couple blocks away. I realize I am such a sucker for good avocado toast and this one was super worth the price tag. I included a layer of garlicy goat cheese and I was sold. Def going back next time I got to Georges for some film.


[Sunday Late Afternoon] I am a bit mixed on my Puesto experience. The food wasn’t bad but didn’t blow me away either. I thought the black masa tortillas was an interesting twist and something not uncommon in Mexico but the toppings and salsas could be better.

The Collection:



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