A Week in the Life XV

[Featured Image] Flight from Gilman Brewing is never a bad thing. Right now, it’s my favorite brewery in the East Bay. I love the variety it offers to those of us who dislike heavy hoppy beers.


[Sunday] Post Charcuterie Picnic after hiking in Tilden Regional Park


[Wednesday] Birthday Lunch at ALX for one of my coworkers. The reviews you can find online are pretty accurate, it’s pretty pricey and the food is not worth it. It’s pretentious without being good. Since work was paying we got a little extravagant. Overall, the best items were appetizers with the Tots (filled with goat cheese), mac and cheese, and Duroc Sticky Pork Ribs (ohemgee). Half of us ordered the foie-gyu burger, which was a burger of foie gras and wagyu beef. We were thinking that is was going to be amazing and walked away enjoying the tots a lot more than the burger.


[Friday Lunch] View from Yerba Buena, we normally take our lunch to South Park but decided for a little change and headed to Yerba Buena to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes I need little reminders that I still love San Francisco.


[Friday Dinner] I was so excited to finally try Marufuku Ramen in Temescal, it’s been on my list for a while. We were lucky enough to try the Chicken Paitan DX, which they only serve to the first 15 orders of the day (we lined up about 15 min prior to opening). The ramen was amazing but I was less impressed with the actual chicken. The ramen is def some of the best in the Bay and worth getting their early. I was really impressed with how well priced everything is, especially compared to Ippudo.

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