New York | Day 1/4


Is it even morning? Is what one (i.e. me) might ask after a brutal red-eye. I was in New York for my dear friends Bachelorette Party and was lucky enough to be on the same flight as her. What neither of us were expecting was to sit on the tarmac for 3 hours waiting for the flight to take off, the technicians barely beat to the clock before the airport was set to shut down for the night. At 2:30am we were off. This made for a brutal morning but all grumpiness was erased as soon as we were reunited with the other ladies and old friends. By the time we got to our hotel, it was about 1pm

[Brunch] We dropped off our gear at the hotel and headed straight for Russ & Daughters located at the Jewish Museum on 92nd. Heads up to the do-it-for-the-gram folks out there – this location is underground and does not have natural lighting. Taking a good shot without a professional camera will likely be a fail (lol see below).

But getting to the actual food… I ordered the classic board (aka a deconstructed lox bagel) that came with a bagel of your choice, lox, cream cheese, onion, tomato, and capers. As I am a Californian I had not idea lox could be so expensive, maybe our smoked Salmon out here is not of high quality. I also thought living in San Francisco would prep me for New York prices but I thought paying $18 for a bagel board was a bit crazy. It was good but not that good.

Cost for to-go coffee, mimosa, shared app, main dish, tax & tip: $47.36 (ouch)


[6pm] When a group of strong, independent women get together for a bachelorette party we aren’t going to see a Magic Mike show. Instead, we do axe throwing in Brooklyn (which is so hipster but like roll with it). They also served beer which was a bit dangerous but made it all the more fun. Our instructor was super fun and the group we got paired with was a bunch of married guys waiting for their wives to finish up with book club. Essentially, we all just got mushy drinking beer and sharing stories of our S.O’s. It was amazing and heart warming.

[Drinks and Dinner] For dinner, we decided to indulge at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. To start, we had to go all out with pickle back whiskey shots aka shots with pickle juice as a chaser.

Dear sweet lil babel cheeses, I loved this barbeque. Was I tipsy, yes, but it was still so delicious. I ordered the 1/4 Rack of Pork Ribs with Mac n Cheese, Coleslaw, and Corn bread. The ribs pulled off the bone so easily and the flavors of the bbq sauce was so amazing. I am salivating thinking about this meal.

Cost for dinner, multiple shots, and tip: $51.61

[Second Round] After filling up on delicious food and plenty of whiskey, we headed out to meet another group of folks at Bar Belly. Bar reminded me of something you might find in the Bay – super packed, super bougie $14+ drinks, long waits (artisan cocktails take a while), but still a fun time.

[Final Stop] Boys Don’t Cry was a little more our speed. We spent the rest of the night here, doing a lot of shots and drinking beer. We are a pretty chill group so going somewhere less crowded where we can talk the night away was ideal. The folks were friendly, overall, it was a good experience.



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