New York | Day 2/4


Day 2 was a bit slow and we really just enjoyed each others company. I am a bit insane when it comes to travel so it was a bit hard for me to go at someone else’s pace. My lovely bestie really help me put everything into perspective and I was able to enjoy the slow down (plus I knew the next part of the trip was going to be insane, more on that later).

[Morning] I was rolling with the punches and the speed of the group so I was delighted when we finally made it to Birch Coffee for some coffee. We are so lucky to constantly be surrounded by amazing coffee options and Birch did not disappoint. I went for my classic soy latte. We mooched around a bit, nursing slight hangovers before meandering around the upper East Side.

[Afternoon] Sometime wandering around in a city that isn’t your own is magical in itself. We had no worries and no destination.

[Late Lunch] Let’s get real, do I ever miss out on Shake Shack when it’s available? No, I don’t. I know the Bay is getting closer and closer to getting them but I don’t have access to my cravings just yet. I get mixed reviews from people who have never been before but I love it.


The photos are going to drop off drastically from here. We pretty much mooched our afternoon away, and made an amazing discovery of Gin Liqueur from Pomp & Whimsy. Above you can see the view from our Hotel. We pretty much had one of those lady movie montages, where we played fun music, drank a lot, had a photo shoot, and laughed until we realized we were starving.

[Dinner] After a couple of failed attempts finding a good spot to eat and realizing that it was 10pm, we landed at Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza. Considering we were all a bit tipsy and one of the girls was having some relationship drama, the night started getting a weird vibe. None the less, the food was fine and gave us what we needed to continue on.

Cost for lots of wine (2 bottles), pizza, and apps: $46.60 per person

[Deep Night] After failing to get into a speak easy, trying to get into a couple of bars that closed at 1am (lame), we decided to call it a night. On our way back to the hotel, we slipped into a palm reader parlor. I am a non-believer but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the sessions other folks had. The mystery of it all disappeared a bit every time the woman’s family walked through the front door. It was an experience for sure, but sometimes a funky day needs a funky ending.



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