A Week in the Life XVI

[Monday Night] Started the week off with an event for the ladies in my office. We took a trip to the Bite Beauty Bar in Pac Heights to create custom lipsticks or so I thought. The lipsticks are only slightly customizable in terms of sheen and finish but really the colors themselves are pre-made. For a truly one-of-a-kind shade, you need the upgraded package. It was still a fun night with my coworkers and now a fun lip kit to add to my collection.

[Saturday Morning] Skipping to Saturday since the rest of the week was slow. My sister and I went adventuring around the Mission and started off at Stonemill Matcha. A work friend recommended it, I was impressed with the quality of the match and food. The only reason I am not running back is the price tag, $40+ for 2 lattes, a sandwich, and porridge.

Always a fun place to stop, Dog Eared Books. I love that they have big publishers along side independently created zines.

~ Street Art ~

[Saturday Afternoon] Next, we headed to the Dog Patch for some brewery hopping. First stop – Magnolia for a flight to share. This will always be one of my favorite breweries in the Bay Area.

Final stop at Triple Voodoo brewing. I like going here when I am in the area but it’s not somewhere I would make a destination given how far it is from anything central.

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