Los Angeles – La Brea

Seen in Santa Monica on the way to the bus. HINT: Don’t be afraid of the buses in LA. Compared to San Francisco they are SO CLEAN and have no crazy people. I was amazed. We took the bus almost everywhere and each ride took less than an hour. I would rather be stuck in traffic on a bus than in a car, to be honest.

Craft and Folk Art Museum

School children among the art.

Check out the ximena.co Instagram 

Berlin Wall near LACMA

Top Round – As suggested by Cupcakes and Cashmere in this post.

Turtle Custard Combination, which was easily split between two people. Look at the drip down the side of the cup, have you ever seen anything so erotic?

I know I committed a crime by not getting a signature roast beef sandwich, but I am not a fan of it so I ordered a chicken sandwich instead. I was still really happy with it. Overall, I would come back here if I lived in the area but I am going to keep hunting for new eateries in LA.

Milk Jar Cookies

White Chocolate Rasberry with Black Coffee. Unfortunately this was the only good photo from my trip to Milk Jar, if we had better lighting the interior would have been a dream to photograph. In total, we ordered the cookie above, two chocolate chip cookies, and an oatmeal chocolate chip. Although the staff were amazingly helpful and friendly I won’t be coming back. These cookies were too sweet for me and too soft in the middle, which I know some people would totally love.


Playing around. We circled back after all of our eating and ended up back at LACMA, if all you see are the lampposts then you are missing out on the hilarious Tar Pits and the rest of the grounds.

Iconic Lampposts

A study in black and white.



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