Los Angeles – Sawtelle & Abbot Kinney

The morning started very, very slow after a rough night. I wanted to show my sister the wonders of UberEats so I placed an order. We shared a breakfast box from Coral Tree Cafe complete with a granola bar, parfait, morning bun, and cold brewed bottled coffee.

We took the bike ride over the up and comin’ Sawtelle Japantown. To be honest, it was pretty meh. Not the highlight of the trip.

A stop at Seoul Sausage.

I ordered the Kalbi which was ok, but the deep fried pickles were amaze-ballz. I categorize this meal as “would come back if I lived in the area but I have more eateries in LA to explore”

MJ Cafe – Milk Tea (no boba) and a Green Tea Ice Cream Macaron Sandwich.

We biked back to Santa Monica (where I was staying) to rest for a little while. After we jumped on the Big Blue Bus (yay LA buses!) and headed towards Abbot Kinney for one big reason…Blue Star Donuts. Check out this post to hear more about my Blue Star obsession.

I mean…

“Nothing haunts us like the things we don’t buy”

Blue Bottle in Venice



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