A Week in the Life IV


After a hugely stressful week, most of these photos are from my weekend with my dad. I did manage to snap this photo before a coffee meeting, I adore blue bottle and it was my first time at this location in the financial district.


My dad loves beer, I love beer so we went around to drink some beer. I love Magnolia but haven’t gone to their larger location in Dogpatch. I truly love their beer and the food at smokestack was decent.



Magnolia Interior


Then we headed to Triple Voodoo Brewery, it got the thumbs up from both of us. From there we headed to Southern Pacific Brewing, which got the biggest thumbs down. It is a place to be seen in the Mission over an actual brewery. The beers were decent but I was horrified at the groups of people ordering bottled Budweiser, what’s the point of going to a brewery if that’s what you are going to order??? AND they were 5 bucks, so it’s not like the bud was super cheap or anything. I wanted to leave as soon as we got there. So bad, belongs in the Marina.


Then we did some exploring in the Mission before hopping on bart and heading back to Berkeley.


Craftsman and Wolves

Finished an amazing day at Angelines Kitchen, a Berkeley favorite of mine.



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