A Week in the Life III


I think my Shake Shack obsession is pretty clear at this point. This week I took a super quick emergency trip to Vegas to be with my family (who live there). I was chaperoning my teenage cousins when they inform me that Vegas has Shake Shack. I proceeded to force them to take me immediately. Decided to go for the chicken sammie, it lived up to my expectations.


Also forced my 14-year-old cousin to go donut tasting with me to the Vegas famous places. These come from Donut Mania, the prices were really fair and not obnoxious like other gourmet places. We got a bacon maple bar (obvi), sugar, a crodough, and matcha. They were pretty good but the matcha was disgusting.


Then we headed to the famous PinkBox Doughnuts, which honestly was a huge disappointment. The Bacon Cronut was way to salty, the apple fritter was probably the best. I wouldn’t go back.


Back in the Bay meant back to work. Quick afternoon pick me up at Pleantea.


Quick stop at the ferry building before hopping on the ferry to Larkspur for a screening at Skywalker Ranch.


New favorite spot to escape the office is farm:table.

Finished the week at Mikkeller Bar, which is close to my office in downtown San Francisco.



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