CDMX – Hip Night Out

If you are thinking “Wow based on the color of her parents hands, Ximena must be a mixed race angel” – you are both right and wrong. I am an angel but both my parents are Mexican.

If you followed my other post, CDMX – Day One, this is the continuation. After a long day on our feet we started drinking…


La Botica – We drank but it didn’t mean we were happy about it. This spot was kind of a fail, I forgot who recommended it to me but they specialize in Mezcal and we are much more Tequila people. It also didn’t help that we were stuffed and they required you order food to drink there, hence the strange cheese.


Licorera Limantour – my mom had wanted to go here as it is on many Top 100 bars in the world type lists. Very pricey for Mexico but regular for a bar in San Francisco (about $10+ per drink). I was pretty obsessed with the interiors and wished that we could have explored La Roma a bit more. The drinks were fab, would go again.





La Graciela – We really liked the idea of a Brewery in Mexico City but being from San Diego it was a long way from high quality. They need to develop the beer more, I would be interested to see where they are in a couple of years.


Porco Rosso – This place was a little funny. My sister liked the look so we popped in to order not knowing that they serve American BBQ. That told us we were in Hipster CDMX and now doing my research I can see that it is a chain.


We shared the Mac & Cheese, Roasted Cauliflower, Spicy Crispy, and some meat that I can’t seem to remember. You could guess that it doesn’t compare to the stuff we can get here but it was a nice try. It was fun to try a hipster spot but I wouldn’t go back even if it was around the corner from my house.

From there we actually finished our day, ordered an Uber (yes they have it and it is SO cheap), and went to the AirBnB.



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