Mercado Roma, Mexico City

When you are doing research on where to go and what to do while visiting the Roma Norte district in Mexico City, you will see many many blogs telling you to go to Mercado Roma. An American comparison would be the Public Market chain found in California, the Chelsea Market in New York, or the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Basically, it is an upscale “market” that has around 20 vendors offering meals, sweets, beer, alcohol, etc. Let me be the first person that this spot is just not worth the hype.

There are just so many other amazing places to try in the Roma district that coming here was such a disappointment. As an American traveler, I can see they appeal since it seems familiar to the upscale food market trend going on right now. Try going to Lardo, Lalo, Delirio, etc instead.


Fresa con Crema (Strawberries and Cream) from Bendita Paleta, this was the only satisfying thing I had while at Mercado Roma. The price was comparable to other bougie ice cream places near by, 35 pesos for a bar. It wasn’t unique but I really enjoyed it.


View from the second floor – You can see El Moro Churrería in the corner, I didn’t have any churros while I was here but I did try their Álvaro Obreon location. So good.


Sampler Plate from Jose Guadalupe – Disappointing, to be honest. They are famous for their pozole, which was good but not better than the lady who sold it on the street outside her home in Xoco. The tostadas were mostly unexciting as well. The only one that got me excited was the pata, but that’s because I recognized the slang word my dad would use when I was a child. That’s how I learned I don’t like eating pigs foot.


Prosciutto Pizza from Ummo – it wasn’t horrible but I was expecting fresh arugula on top but instead it was sauteed in balsamic. Also the prosciutto tasted different than the stuff we get in the states. Overall, it just wasn’t what I was expecting and I kinda had to force myself to eat it.



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