A Week in the Life XIV

Tuesday – Sometimes my office has lots of fun crazy events and this week had a couple of those. In the featured image, we had a ladies night and went to Jax Vineyards in the Soma district. The rose was crisp and cheese was stinky…I would go back as long as work is paying again.


Wednesday – Tacos on International Blvd, decent but not up to San Diego standards.


Thursday – 6 years after taking German in college I finally make it to the much talked about, Suppenküche. The table shared the potato pancakes starter, which we all enjoyed. I ordered the meatloaf for dinner and was super surprised to literally see a hard-boiled egg in the middle of the loaf. In general, it was good but I was bored with eating it halfway through. The meal was not worth the $50 price tag.


Friday – I am a sucker for good Avacado toast, and this weak my homemade version was not making the cut. I tried out this version at Fearless, near my office building in San Francisco. It was decent, the arugula really added a lot of flavors. I might get it again but the smoothies are much better.


Saturday – My favorite lunchtime happy hour deal during the weekend is the chow and brau at Triple Rock in Berkeley. For 10 bucks you get a beer and the special of the day, in this case, it was fried chicken and slaw on Texas toast.


Sunday – Dollar Days at the Golden Gate Race Tracks, I am sure I have mentioned it before but it’s a $1 for parking, entry, hot dogs, and beer. The beer recently changed from coors light to natty ice. I still drink the shitty beer they offer, because it’s tradition and I love it.




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